Hello from Sac

So after a long, long Monday of delayed flights and rerouting, I got into Sacramento around 7:30 Monday night. Obviously, I completely missed the first day on my new project. They're pretty understanding so I guess it doesn't matter so much, I was just pissed that I got up at 5:15, got to the airport and wound up having to go back home. It just sucked.

Anyway, the first week's been good. I'm at work today; I'll be here tomorrow. No matter though because it's not like I've got a lot else to do this weekend. I do plan on taking a couple of weekend trips if I can while I'm here. Tahoe is close by, there are vineyards near, and San Francisco is only like an hour and a half away. So I think there will be a lot of fun stuff to occupy time when I'm not working on the weekend (if that is likely to happen!)

My hotel sucks so they're working on getting me into a corporate apartment if we've got any available. That way I wont have to pack up every other week when I fly home, I can just take a little bag and myself. I think Casey's flying out one weekend, I'm going to use my flyback to get him out here if I can so that way it doesn't cost us anything; I'll just have to stay in Sacramento for a month without going home.

I got some work on Wednesday and that got put off on the schedule yesterday so now I've got a ton of documents to review and edit. It's not particularly interesting documentation but I guess they've got to learn. All of the stuff I'm editing is picked up by the Web Based Training team and they create these WBT modules using the text in the documents that I'm editing. Like I said before in not so many words...boring.

So I'm getting back to work. I left my old MP3 player on the plane on my trip home from Columbia,SC last Saturday so I broke down and bought an iPod. I've been slowly burning all the protected music I bought from MSN music an Napster to CD's and ripping it back into iTunes. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this and skip the CD?

Back to work.


So I've never watched American Idol before. I admit though, it wasn't really the music that got me started watching it. I've been seeing it on the TV's at the gym whil I work out and listen to my headphones. I only watch because Ace and Chris are on here and tonight I missed Ace's performance. I did see Chris though and he's hot. Really hot.

So anyway, I'm still working and we're almost done. Tomorrow everything goes to print so the race is on to the finish line I guess. I'm going home Friday and then on Monday I'm heading out to Sacramento. I didn't get to go to the gym today so that sucked. I'm watching this show that followed Idol while I'm working. It's kinda funny.


Woohoo...the end is near!

So it's 11:30 and I'm still up working again tonight. I'm trying to get all of my work wrapped up because when I finish up this week and head out I don't have to come back! I tell you, I really don't like Columbia very much. So I'm glad I'm not coming back.

I've got chargeable work starting next week, I'm just not sure where at. Two projects are kinda in a war to get me. Either I'll be in Sacramento or I'll be in Detroit. As could be imagined I'm praying that the Sac job works out because I'm sick of the cold and there's still quite a bit of cold left there. Tomorrow it's going to be 75 here in Columbia. I can't wait for the spring. It's really my favorite time of year. All the cold and blech is finally gone, things start to turn pretty and colorful again. I can't wait.

I need some song suggestions for my MP3 player to workout to. I've about played the music I have on there to death. I wanted to download new music but I really didn' t know what to get. Got any ideas?

So that's about it, I'm working in a room by myself this week, which while boring, is a good thing when you've got a lot to do. I'm getting a lot done where usually I'd be talking to Erin and Celeste.

I gotta go.


Greetings from Columbia, SC

Well hello from the "real" south. I thought Nashville was the bible belt but OH NO. In the county where my hotel is, you can't buy anything but necessities on Sunday before 1:30 (somehow cigarettes are deemed necessity, I found out). I swear this place is one of the craziest places I've ever been. I thought it was odd that the Target had almost no cars in the lot and I was really looking forward to shopping with minimal disturbance.

Since I came here in early January, I've got to spend 6 days at home. The good news is that soon this will all come to an end and I can go home for a little while. I'm kinda tired of being gone and I know Casey isn't enjoying it much either. Something that I ate on Thursday was seriously bad because I've had some horrible stomach trouble since I woke up yesterday morning. I feel somewhat better today but still I'm not exactly back to normal. Must be some kind of food poisoning.

So I'm still doing crappy proposal work but I don't think there's another one to write coming up so that means I might get to go back to doing real work. Right now there's a chance I'll be staffed in Atlanta starting early March but nothing concrete. There's also Dearborn, MI, which to be honest I can live without. It's cold and snowy there and I'll probably get stuck and can't come home.

Speaking of snow, there's like 2 inches on the ground at home. The only 3 snows that have fallen this year and I've been out of town for all of them. It's a shame too, cuz those are days Casey and I call in to work and just hang out on the couch and watch movies and TV all day. And to be honest, there's not much that's more fun than that.

OK, so I'm going to get back to some work and get ready to go into the office tomorrow. Happy Saturday night everyone!
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Well I'm still in SC and it looks like I'll be coming back for the next 6 weeks. There was some speculation we may move this work to Nashville but that isn't likely to happen now. At least starting next week, I'll be flying home on Thursday afternoons. I've been pretty busy the past few days so time has flown by pretty quickly. Also after work Celeste and I go to Golds Gym to workout so that takes up quite a bit of time in the evenings. By the time I get back to my room, it's time to shower, scarf some dinner, and go to bed.

So the only thing I really don't like here is that it's this huge old ass building that used to belong to the Federal Reserve. So we all sit up front and the bathrooms are way back in the back. The lights are off so it's a creepy walk in the dark to the bathroom because there are no windows or anything in this building. Once you're in the bathroom half the lights are out and half the toilets are broken and it looks like some scene out of a creepy scary movie. That and the roaches or "palmetto bugs" as the locals call them.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Atlanta in the morning for a meeting from 1-6 and then flying on home after that. I should get home about 7:30 tomorrow night. I hope none of my flights get delayed.

Hello from Columbia, SC

So I've not written in quite a long time but I didn't realize how long until I got two LJ nudges from some folks on my friends list. 8 weeks. Wow, I didn't even realize.

Well lots of stuff has happened, Casey and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on the 4th of January, there was Christmas and New Years. No need to really talk about it all I guess, that would make for an excrutiatingly long post. Let's just say the holidays were a great time for me and I really enjoyed them.

So this morning I arrived in Columbia with my co-workers/entourage, Erin and Celeste. We all have a great time together and were so happy that they sent all of 3 of us out here together. Otherwise I'm sure this would be pretty boring. There's officially no more work left in TN for now so I'll be travelling until we win some more work at home. This leaves me with a decision to make about finding new work. I don't mind travel for a while but I sure don't want to do it forever. Flying out on Mondays, home on Fridays, and that's only if there's no work that requires you stay over the weekend. I know that I'm scheduled for 2 weekends right now on this proposal effort so we'll see how things go.

Really not much has changed except that I'm now out of town all week and in on the Weekends. I think that I posted about my coworker Lynn who came out to me finally. Now she and her girlfriend Kathy are pretty good friends of our and we do stuff together practically every weekend. Casey and I have watched more football in the past month with the lesbians than we have ever watched since we've been together. It's fun watching with the lesbians and we have a blast.

So now I'm going to bed because I was up at 5:30 this morning to catch my flight down here. I'm sleepy.


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So it's been a long time since I posted. I really need to get back into the habit but I've just not felt much like posting anything. Right now I'm stuck at the airport waiting for my flight which has been delayed by at least an hour due to some kind of mechanical difficulties. I think we have to fly on the broken plane as well so I'm not very comforted by this fact.

So anyway I'm going to Chicago for a training class tomorrow. Seems like a lot of money for a one day class but I'm not paying so who cares. I did try to get there early enough I could do some shopping but it looks like I wont be getting there until at least 5:30update 6pm or so. I guess the shopping trip is most likely off for now but we'll see what time I arrive. We spent the weekend going to Christmas Village on Saturday. It was big craft fair kind of thing. It was pretty cool and there were tons of booths with stuff to look at. Sunday we spent the day helping my coworker Lynn and her girlfriend lay tile at their condo. That took almost the whole day but the bathroom turned out great!

Other than that my I've been just doing the usual, working and stuff. Not much new going on with us. The pictures from NYC are online. I put them up last week.

NYC Pictures
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NYC - Day 1

Sorry for the lack of posts..I've been working after returning from our little excursion Northward. We really had a great time while we were away and I was definately not happy about coming back to work yesterday. Ahhh..but here I am anyway.

New York is by far one of the most amazing cities to me. There are millions (literally) of people that live in that one city, yet they somehow all manage to get along for the most part. I definately can't wait to go back and visit again.

So I'll start with Thursday since I've only got a minute or two. We packed up and headed to the airport at 6am. I scheduled a 7:30 flight and there's no way in hell I'll do that again. It's way to early because we had to get up at 5. So we packed and headed out, parked in economy and shuttled in to the airport. We were attempting a curbside check-in and the guy informed us he couldn't check us in at the curb, we'd have to go inside. So we went in and this lady told us she couldn't get us checked in. Some security thing. So I guess they thought we were terrorists, I'm not really sure. Anyone can look at us though and see we're definately NOT terrorists. Anyway, she wound up making a couple of phone calls and got us cleared to board. We took our boarding passes and headed on out to board the plane.

We arrived in NYC around 10:30am. The view of the city from the plane was amazing. Unfortunately, since no electronic devices are allowed during decent, there are no pictures of this view. Once we touched down at LGA we gathered our bags and went in search of food. After a little pizza, we loaded up into a Taxi and headed into the city. Those of you who've been to the city know what a cab ride is like. Those who havent, like me, don't. I was scared out of my mind by the driver. More so the one who took us back on Sunday, but this guy was still quite scary. Seems cabs in NY have two modes. Full throttle and no throttle.

We had him drop us at the hotel and I left our bags there. Check in wasn't until 3 and they didn't have any rooms available when we got there. We dropped our bags and headed to 5th and 27th. The museum was pretty cool, including old porn movies, fake boobies, a internet controlled sex chair, and gay porn. There's no way anything like that would fly in any city except New York. After that we headed up 5th to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Talk about an amazing view, I've got pictures that I'll share as soon as I can upload them.

After that we headed back to the hotel to clean up and then up to 49th for Dinner. After that we headed to see

It was playing at the Golden Theater, and old and amazing theater, of course, and the show was great. I've had the soundtrack forever and I love it. I had used the soundtrack to put together what I thought happened in the show and for the most part I was right. There are some things that you don't get on the soundtrack that you need to put the show together. I especially liked how the actors really got into the part they were playing, even though they had the puppets. The facial expressions and body language of the characters matched what you'd expect the puppet to do. Anyway, the show was great and the cast was amazing. And this lead! (See picture following!)

So after the show we headed back to the hotel. I can certainly understand why miket61's partner was exhausted at the end of each day! So that was Thursday, I've got more to post soon!
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